Casa de la Independencia

Museum House of the Independence. Asunción, Paraguay


Casa de la Independencia Museum, was inaugurated on May 14, 1965. It highlights its colonial style architecture.

The house where the museum stands today, was built in 1772 by the Spanish citizen Antonio Martinez Saenz, married to the Paraguayan Petrona Caballero de Bazan.

The walls were made of adobe, the roof of tiles, and its base or frame is made of palms and tacuaras (reeds that belong to Guadua genus, native to South America).

The origin of the name Casa de la Independencia, or Independence House, was originated in the fact that this residence became the ideal place to hide secret meetings in which the founding fathers of the Republic of Paraguay conspired against the Spanish domain site.

On the night of May 14, a group of men, led by Pedro Juan Caballero, went down the alley next to the house and headed for the house of the Spanish Governor, a few blocks distant, and after taking the barracks, at dawn on May 15, Governor Bernardo de Velazco and Huidobro, handed over command; therefore Paraguay had won their independence.

The building was restored and opened as a Museum on May 14, 1965. It contains furniture, paintings, portraits, and furnishings of the period.

4 thoughts on “Casa de la Independencia

    • Yes. Thanks for the comment.This construction is in downtown of Asuncion. It was constructed in 1772. The walls are made of adobe and the base or frame of the tiled roof is made of palms and tacuara plants (like a bamboo plant). Since 1961, it became the House Museum of Independence.

      • Wow, that is great.
        Thank you for the details.
        When I imagine historical architecture, most of them have lot of decorative elements. But this one is so simple and pure. That’s why I feel very beautiful and strong.

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