Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

Chapultepec Park, Mexico City

I took this photo at Chapultepec Park in Mexico City, when I was looking for purple flowers to illustrate my other blog “Crumbs Sugar Cookie and Pillow Featherbed Twins. The Adventures”, a tale about the adventures of two little dolls, the Mini Lalaloopsy Twin Sisters.


Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California

Heraldic panel circa 1490, showing a family coat of arms, the Eberler Family Arms, Swiss.

Free Tag Zone: “Voyage en éphémère” and “Graffs en Capitales”

Free Tag Zone invited me to become an author on the project “Voyage en éphémère”, and also as permanent correspondent photographer in Mexico City for the international project “Graffs en Capitales”. While both projects are focused on street art and graffiti, the second one is specially dedicated to the street art at capital cities around the world

This is my presentation at Voyage en éphémère:

 “My enthusiasm for photography started in my childhood when my parents gave me as a Christmas present my first camera, an Instamatic 101 Kodak Camera, though I got seriously involved in photography as a teenager when my dad gave me his Canon TX camera, a manual 35 mm SLR, back then I joined a photography workshop at the Argentinean House of Culture in Mexico City and learned lab techniques. I have used the same Canon TX camera until a year and a half ago when I got into a new adventure: digital photography.

 About photography, I’m especially interested in travel photography, street photography, architectural photography, art and street art photography, portrait, cultural diversity and anthropological manifestations of religious practices.

 Street art represents a natural interest for me, since I have been interested in all art manifestations. In fact, one of my favorite activities is visiting museums, but for me you can also find very impressive art on the street, sometimes more impressive because it naturally has a surprising factor: finding art where you never expected to find it.

 Being invited by Free Tag Zone is a compliment for me and also a great opportunity, because they are considering that my photography is interesting, and because Free Tag Zone has a praiseworthy objective: to spread the amazing street art that is created around the world in a single web site.“

 Marianne Gonzalez Vergara, le 11 juillet 2012


Hare Krishna Mexico City Temple

I took this photo of Deities Krishna (left) and Radharani (right) at the Mexico City Hare Krishna Temple during fieldwork research for my BA thesis in Ethnology “The International Society for Krishna Consciousness in Mexico City:an ethnographic approach”.

For me it was very impressive the intense devotion that the Hare Krishna members feel for their Deities, and the way they interact and look for them. The devotees do all their activities for the Deities: cook for them, feed them, bathe, dress, and adorn them with jewels and garlands. Daily they chant mantras and dance full of joy in front of them: Krishna, Radharani, Caitanya, Nityananda, Nrsimhadeva, Tulasi, Jaganatha, Balaram and Subhadra.


Getty Center in Los Angeles California

The Angel of my City

Angel of the Independence, Mexico City

One Way to Rock and Roll (the speed way): Jim Morrison

Venice Beach, California