Graffiti: Gods

Naucalpan, State of Mexico.

 Graffiti Around the World: Mexico 1

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

Mexico City

Two days ago I got out of the job, casually with my camera, I walked two streets and then I turned around at this street when surprisingly I saw at the distance between the cars and buildings, a cow that looked so real ¡A cow in the City! I approached very slowly because I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. That cow wasn´t there the day before, so imagine my surprise.

Letter H: “Highway”

I like to travel trough the Pacific Coast highway to Santa Monica, California, because you can travel watching the ocean and the mountains which rise in front of the coast. It’s a journey between two magnificent nature creations, where your senses are awake contemplating stunning views, while you are hearing and also smelling the ocean. You can admire beautiful sunsets, and if you are lucky you can even encounter dolphins swimming near the coast. So the Pacific Coast highway it’s not like any other inland highway. In our journey from Ventura to Santa Monica, the landscape invited us to park to enjoy the beautiful coast view. My brother took me this photo in front of the ocean.

Pacific Coast highway

Story Challenge: Letter “H” at Flickr Comments.

View from Santa Barbara Harbor

Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara is one of my favorite places in California, every time I go to this state, I want to visit this beautiful City. Santa Barbara is located along the Pacific coast, and is also surrounded by Santa Ynez Mountains which rise dramatically behind the city, so you can find amazing views everywhere.

Time Prints

The Getty Center in Los Angeles, California

These are fossils of plants I found in a travertine stone used to construct The Getty Center. The 1.2 million square feet of travertine used for The Getty are from Bagni di Tivoli, Italy, 15 miles east of Rome. Many of the stones revealed fossilized leaves, feathers, and branches when they were split along their natural grain.