Graffiti around the world: Mexico City

Jardín del Arte (Garden of the Art), Mexico City

Jardín del Arte (Garden of the art), Mexico City

 Graffiti Around the World: Mexico 1


11 thoughts on “Graffiti around the world: Mexico City

    • Bonjour Orepuk! C’est un commentaire très intéressant. Je voudrais savoir comment vous avez imaginé le graffiti mexicain. Avec une difference de la technique ou du dessin?

  1. I wish they were on canvas that we could bringing around to places so more people can see how amazing and artistic they are. These artist are truly gifted. So much heart and soul in them. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the comment! You are right, they are truly gifted. I always feel amazed of how they can paint such works with a spray instead of brushes. I don´t think I could control the paint that comes out from a can in such way.

    • Yes, you can find amazing street art around the world. I have seen it in various Cities in different countries.

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