Solvang, California: like a fairy tale

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Solvang (“Sunny fields” in Danish language) is located at Santa Barbara County, in California. It was founded in 1911 by Danish people who were searching for sunniest places, establishing a Danish colony in Santa Ynez Valley.

For me, visiting Solvang was like entering in a fairy tale world because the architecture of most of the facades and buildings resembles traditional Danish-styled architecture, and I have only seen this kind of beautiful houses in fairy tales.

In Solvang you can find bakeries with spice and fresh-baked Danish style bread, butter cookies, pastries, strudels, kringles and other specialties (yuummi!)

Santa Ynez Valley is one of four distinct American Viticultural Areas (AVA), so you can find a lot of wineries near Solvang where you can have a tour about the process of making wine, and also taste and buy the wines they produce. We visited Firestone winery, and it was very interesting to see all the wine process, and to know that they even make the corks from the trees they plant, something that not all the wineries do.


Beautiful Blogger Award

I’ve been nominated for the “Beautiful Blogger Award!”  It’s a complete surprise, and also an honor being considered for the award. I want to thank danajoward the nomination.

Thank you Dana!

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Seven random facts about me:

I love photography. I enjoy promenades in nature. I love to travel. I enjoy doing crafts. I admire art. I love to receive letters from friends or family by regular mail.  I recently became aunt of a beautiful and lovely boy, who is also my godson.

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This BIG sculpture Floralis Generica (23 meters high and weighs eighteen tons), which  is located at the United Nations Plaza in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was designed by Argentinian architect Eduardo Catalano.

It was constructed with airplane parts, made of stainless steel with aluminum skeleton. It has an electrical mechanism that closes and opens the petals depending on time of day.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

Sculpture “Maman”

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The sculpture “Maman” (mom in french language) made by French-American artist Louise Bourgeois, is a monumental ode to her mother (10 meters height and 22.000 kilos), made from bronze, iron and marble. When I traveled to Buenos Aires it was located at Barrio La Boca, outside of the Museum Fundacion Proa which is installed in a classic facade house. The artist explains that her mother was a weaver like a spider because she was in charge of the workshop of their family business of tapestry restoration, and like spiders which are friendly presences that eat mosquitoes which spread diseases,  her mother was helpful and protective.

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