Sculpture “Maman”

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The sculpture “Maman” (mom in french language) made by French-American artist Louise Bourgeois, is a monumental ode to her mother (10 meters height and 22.000 kilos), made from bronze, iron and marble. When I traveled to Buenos Aires it was located at Barrio La Boca, outside of the Museum Fundacion Proa which is installed in a classic facade house. The artist explains that her mother was a weaver like a spider because she was in charge of the workshop of their family business of tapestry restoration, and like spiders which are friendly presences that eat mosquitoes which spread diseases,  her mother was helpful and protective.

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16 thoughts on “Sculpture “Maman”

    • Wow! You are right Narami, but at the same time i think the photos look different, and that is very interesting for me. It’s another point of view. Thanks for the comment and for letting me know about the photo.

      • Oh yes, the takes on the subject are completely different, I just thought it was almost creepy how I had never seen that before and then found it one blog after another. Thanks for sharing!

  1. It is really exciting to see this famous sculpture in several different places. I see yours was taken in Argentina. I photographed mine in Ottawa (in front of the National Gallery of Canada).

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