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We traveled to Foz do Iguaçu National Park to visit the amazing  waterfalls (I will add photos of the waterfalls in another post), and found these lovely creatures there. It seems that the coatis usually stroll around in groups. The group in the photo suddenly appeared from the vegetation, surrounded a tourist who was sitting, and took away his coke from his hands. The tourist became nervous so he stood up and moved away, then the coatis sat down and began to preen each other.

7 thoughts on “COATI

    • I neither saw coatis before. This was my first time. They look so lovely (like stuffed animals), and they are not scared of humans. The brochure of the National Park indicates you not to feed them or touch them but they approach humans. You can find the coati only in the American Continent from Northern Arizona in the United States through Mexico, Central America and South America to northern Argentina. They are members of the raccoon family, but it is about the size of a large house cat.

    • Yes, they look so tender, I really wanted to touch them because they approach humans but it is prohibited to avoid a possibility of receiving a biting and rabies

  1. They are very intelligent little guys. I ran into someone in Vancouver, Wa. that kept one of these Coati as a pet. First meet them in the Parking lot of a Grocery store. One thing I realized real quickly was that they really belong in their natural habitat. They shouldn’t try to domesticate them. They are constantly on the move. like a cat on speed.

    • As a pet?! Where did the person get it? Does the coati strolls around the grocery store and the parking lot freely? They look so lovely that I would love to have one as a pet too, but I agree with you when you say that they belong to their natural habitat.

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