Basic needs


Santa Barbara, California

I found this attractive combo of telephone booth and drinker in a mall in Santa Barbara, California. I love the beautiful tiles combination. Nowadays is very difficult to find a telephone booth in US. In my City, Mexico, you can find one in every block or at least any two or three blocks away. Do you think a drinker and a telephone are basic needs nowadays?

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8 thoughts on “Basic needs

  1. Interesting question. I expected a rest room as well. Mexico is famous for those cobalt tiles. Beautiful !

    • Hahaha That’s a really good point! More Mexican? I think you are kind of right because the architecture of Santa Barbara is Spanish Colonial architecture, as lot of Mexican architecture (remember that California was part of Mexico during and after Spanish colonial times until 1847), and even the most recent constructions in Santa Barbara after a massive earthquake in 1925, when the town was rebuilt, has been classified as Spanish Revival architecture because the idea was to respect the spanish colonial style. Kind greetings!

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