Women’s Bridge

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Women’s Bridge is a 170-metre pedestrian swing bridge designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is the only one of his works in Latin America and is located in the Dock 3 in Puerto Madero, Pierina and Manuela Gorriti Dealessi.

The architect has described the design as a synthesis of the image of a couple dancing the tango.

A number of streets in the Puerto Madero district have women’s names, for this reason the  bridge got its name.

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16 thoughts on “Women’s Bridge

    • Thank you Isadora! I must confess I neither see the tango dancers but what really pleases me is that the bridge is a monument to the woman. Maybe he talks of tango due to the bridge movility: it’s a swing bridge.
      Kind greetings,

    • The Samuel Beckett Bridge? You are right, it is also a rotable bridge, and I’m reading that it was also designed by the same architect: Santiago Calatrava. About this other bridge, the shape of the spar and its cables is said to evoke an image of a harp lying on its edge… interesting.

  1. “The architect has described the design as a synthesis of the image of a couple dancing the tango…” – well Calatrava for sure knows how to sell his ideas!
    greetings by
    Santiago Calatrava's new bridge for Venice
    my Calatrava page …

    • Yes, he knows hahaha, I thought that when I saw the Samuel Beckett Bridge that Dina mentioned here, which Calatrava descibed as an evoking image of a harp. I will check your Calatrava page right now.

    • Great photos! I really like Calatrava’s work. By the way, there are two links in your Calatrava page that doesn’t connect with the images.
      Kind greetings!

      • because my daughter is an architect, I know that it is a part of the show to find poetic words for a project too, to sell it well. But also important: at first you have to hide how expensive the project will be at the very end …

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