Necaxa Reservoir

Puebla, Mexico

Puebla, Mexico

This is one of the first reservoirs that began to operate in Mexico at the beginning of the twentieth century in order to harness the waters of the rivers  Necaxa, Tenango, and others. I felt surprised when I read that when it began its operations in 1905 it was the world’s most powerful hydroelectric.

It is located on the freeway to Tuxpan, in the northwest of the State of Puebla. I just visited while passing by back to Mexico City, so I just relaxed in front of the reservoir, contemplating the spectacular view while eating breakfast, and then left, but if you visit you can walk, take a boat ride, or if you like fishing you can fish carps and mojarras (a type of sea bream or freshwater fish) that inhabit this vast body water.


2 thoughts on “Necaxa Reservoir

  1. “…in 1905 it was the world’s most powerful hydroelectric….” I’m surprised, looks like in Germany in my neighbourhood with forest and lake – we had the stereotype: MEXICO = sand, cactus, man with mule, gun and revolver.

    • Hahaha I know the stereotype. It always makes me laugh. Those photos of Mexico’s life are generally from the Revolutionary period (1910-1917) or Speedy Gonzalez cartoon 😉

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