View from the Maya Museum in Cancun, Mexico.

View from the Maya Museum in Cancun, Mexico.



10 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Hola Marianne,
    you made me curious with: “ugly building in Mexico City than a building named “Torre Latinoamericana”. If there would be a voting about this building, I would vote to disappear it…”

      • Frizz, if you can visit Historical Downtown of Mexico City some day, you will understand my point of view. Over there are located amazingly beautiful buildings, and the Torre Latino disrupts with those artistic architecture works. I have the project of posting photos of those other buildings in my photo blog at some point, then you can see them and give me your oppinion. I want to tell you (I almost want to say “I want to show of”, because I’m very proud of this) that I woked in the restauration project of two of these other buildings, one is the “Palacio de Correos”, or The Postal Palace, which is a stunning building.
        Did you know that Mexico City is also called “La Ciudad de los Palacios”, or the City of Palaces? That’s because of its Historical Downtown architecture. Wait for the photos.
        Kind greetings,

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