Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

View of Los Angeles, California, from Griffith Observatory.
View of Los Angeles, California, from Griffith Observatory.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Gods, monsters, humans & abstracts

Graffiti of the month: October

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Today is Friday, so  this is the graffiti I want to share. I found it in Naucalpan de Juarez, State of Mexico,

If you want to share a graffiti, I invite you to post your link at the comments.

Have a nice week-end!

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

Valladolid, Yucatan-Mexico
Valladolid, Yucatan-Mexico

Although my favorite color is blue, I liked the warm and energetic color of this facade I located in Valladolid, a colorful mexican city founded in May 28, 1543, in the State of Yucatan.

For me, the lively yellow color with the contrasting immaculate white details of the window, convey a sense of happiness.


"El Rey" Archeological Site. Quintana Roo-Mexico
“San Miguelito” Archeological Site, Maya Museum. Quintana Roo-Mexico

The Mayan word “sacbe ” ethimologically comes from sac-white and be-path: “white path”. The surface of these Mayan elevated paths were covered with white stucco, and they were between 4 and 20 meters wide and about 300 kilometers long.

The sacbeob (plural of sacbe) connected temples and squares of Mayan Cities. The most known sacbeob are located in Yucatan, Mexico, like the sacbe of Chichen-Itza Archeological Site that connects the main group of the Castle with the sacred cenote (natural well), or sacred well. Many of these white paths were built in the days of Pre-Classic Maya.


Tierra Fria, Mexico
Tierra Fria, Mexico