Fauna Graffiti: Dog (2)

Graffiti of the Month: December

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For the last friday of the month and the 2013 year, I want to share this post of  mexican (graffiti) fauna: a lovely dog  with beautiful bright eyes  🙂

If you have a graffiti of your City fauna or any other graffiti that you want to share for this last friday of the month/year, I invite you to share the link at the comments.

Have a great week-end and a fantastic new year!


Traveling in Argentina: Barrio La Boca View

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Buenos Aires, Argentina

One of the places I visited during my travel to Buenos Aires is Barrio La Boca. This neighborhood owes its name La Boca (The Mouth) to the mouth of the stream whose waters flow into the river Rio de la Plata. It’s an interesting neighborhood to visit. There, I found various painters selling their art on the streets. I also visited the famous El Caminito, a street where you can see the traditional colorful houses of the area. I also saw a specialized store in everything about Boca Juniors football team, which was born in this district, and the Boca Juniors Stadium, although I’m not a fan of football. I will post other photos of this adventure in the future.

If you want to see a classic facade house of this neighborhood, you can visit my post “Sculpture Maman”, where you can see the facade of the Museum Fundacion Proa as well as the giagantic spider sculpture of French-American artist Louise Bourgeois. Here’s the link

“El Rey” Mayan Archaeological Site


Curiously El Rey, or The King, archaelogical site is currently located in the middle of the tourist zone of the City of Cancun, in Quintana Roo, Mexico. The tourist zone grew around this archaeological site, though fortunately the remains of this place were respected.  Therefore, if you are taking vacations in Cancun you can take the bus that goes along the tourist zone to visit this site.  When you are visiting El Rey, you can see at the distance some modern buildings, so  from a certain point of view you can see this buildings aside the buildings of the arqueological  site, as in one of the last photos.

The buildings of this Mayan site belong to the Late Posclassic period (1200-1500 AD) and they correspond to the East Coast style architecture, contemporary to the well known Mayan archaeological sites of Tulum and Xel-Ha.

Currently, this settlement has 47 structures distributed along Cancun Island and covers 500 meters from north to south and 70 meters east to west.

Archaeological excavations have revealed that the economic activities of this population were based on fishing. There have been also found goods of foreign origin like projectile points made of flint, obsidian blades, beads and pendants of jadeite and quartz. These materials demonstrate the significance of the Mayan trade through established shipping routes along the Caribbean coast, which was dismantled by Spanish exploration and conquest.

Yellow Orchid

Mexico City
Mexico City

Daily Promt: precious

Learning from the guru

ISCKON Temple, Mexico City.
ISCKON Temple, Mexico City. Bhagavad-Gita daily class


Daily Promt: learning


Mexico City, Chapultepec Forest
Mexico City, Chapultepec Forest

Did you know that trees talk?

I have learned a lot from trees:

sometimes about the weather,

sometimes about animals,

sometimes about the Great Spirit.

-Walking Buffalo, Stoney

Daily Prompt: The power of touch/textures

Blue Door

Valladolid, Yucatan-Mexico
Valladolid, Yucatan-Mexico