A Perspective View of Puebla, Mexico

Puebla de los Angeles, Puebla- Mexico

Puebla de Los Angeles, Puebla- Mexico

The City of Puebla is also known as Puebla de Los Angeles (Puebla of The Angels) or Angelopolis because it is said that it was traced by the angels, though the real name is Puebla de Zaragoza. It is the capital city of the State of Puebla, which is located in a valley surrounded on all four sides by mountains and volcanoes. Due to its cultural and historical architecture, this City was chosen as World Heritage.  The architecture includes various styles and techniques such as Baroque, Renaissance and classical architecture, represented in over 5000 buildings. This makes it the 2nd City with the largest number of historic buildings and landmarks in Latin America only after Cuzco, Peru.

2 thoughts on “A Perspective View of Puebla, Mexico

    • According to the legend, Angels also traced straight streets making travel easier in the city. It is said (almost officialy and without counting all of them) that there are more than 300 churches in the State of Puebla. When I went to the City of Puebla, I confirmed that you can find various churches in just a few blocks. I didn’t take pictures inside of those because they were close due to their schedule, but I plan to travel again over there in search for churches to photograph.
      Kind greetings,

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