Little pink flowers

Tierra Fría, Mexico
Tierra Fría, Mexico

A shelter from stormy weather

Ventura Harbor. Ventura, California
Ventura Harbor. Ventura, California

A ship is safe in the harbor

But that’s not what ships are built for.

A ship is meant to fly and fly,

To seize the horizon and capture the sky.

-Gael Attal

Containers at Firestone winery

Santa Ynez Valley in Los Olivos, California.
Santa Ynez Valley in Los Olivos, California.

These containers belong to the Firestone winery, which is located at Santa Ynez Valley, in Los Olivos, California. There are guided tours at the winery that show the process of making wine and at the end of the tour you can taste different kind of wines at the tasting room.

The tasting room is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., except for major holidays that they close.

Here’s a link to te winery.

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Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral

Mexico City Downtown
Mexico City Downtown

“Cathedrals impose a sense of confidence…by their harmony…the counterbalancing of masses that move…”

-Auguste Rodin

“A” words: ARGENTINA

“Argentina” is my first entry for the A to Z challenge that was started by my friend Frizz at his blog Flickr Comments, on July 8.

I took all the photos in Buenos Aires. If you want to see more photos of Argentina, here are some other links of posts I already made.

About architecture and art:

Women’s bridge

Floralis Generica 

Sculpture “Maman”

Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires

Tower of Babel

Monumental Tower/Tower of British People

About graffiti:

They are watching us

Strange Creatures

Graffiti at Barrio de San Telmo, Argentina

Surrealistic world

About Argentina streets/landscapes:

Traveling in Argentina: Barrio La Boca View

Plaza de Mayo

Between natural and artificial nature

Argentina Street Life: Puerto Madero

Argentina sunsets:

Sunset at Rio de la Plata

Misty Rio de la Plata

The challenge will take place every Tuesday until reaching the letter Z . If you want to participate in the A to Z challenge visit the link to post your entry with letter “A”. It can be whatever you want, even music.

Fluffy Clouds Over a Blue Sky

Tierra Fria, Mexico
Tierra Fria, Mexico