“A” words: ARGENTINA

“Argentina” is my first entry for the A to Z challenge that was started by my friend Frizz at his blog Flickr Comments, on July 8.

I took all the photos in Buenos Aires. If you want to see more photos of Argentina, here are some other links of posts I already made.

About architecture and art:

Women’s bridge

Floralis Generica 

Sculpture “Maman”

Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires

Tower of Babel

Monumental Tower/Tower of British People

About graffiti:

They are watching us

Strange Creatures

Graffiti at Barrio de San Telmo, Argentina

Surrealistic world

About Argentina streets/landscapes:

Traveling in Argentina: Barrio La Boca View

Plaza de Mayo

Between natural and artificial nature

Argentina Street Life: Puerto Madero

Argentina sunsets:

Sunset at Rio de la Plata

Misty Rio de la Plata

The challenge will take place every Tuesday until reaching the letter Z . If you want to participate in the A to Z challenge visit the link to post your entry with letter “A”. It can be whatever you want, even music.

4 thoughts on ““A” words: ARGENTINA

  1. hi Marianne, you’ve posted wonderful articles featuring ARGENTINA! My daughter, an architect, once visited Argentina and was excited about the selfmade houses in Ushuaia and elsewhere…
    P.S.: on Sunday, July 13th, the soccer team from Argentina meets the team from Germany to do the finale…
    My fingers learned to pick the national anthem of Germany on my acoustic guitar:

    but Messi could become man of the match, who knows…

    • Excellent fingerstyle solo technique, Frizz. I never heard before the national anthem of Germany, so thanks for sharing. I wish you a well soccer play at the finale.
      Kind greetings,

  2. Really great photos of Argentina Marianne! Reminds me of when I was visiting Buenos Aires a long time ago and it’s lovely seeing the streets and art again! Have a lovely day! Lili x

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