Me and my blog

My name is Marianne. I was born, raised and currently reside in Mexico City, a chaotic as well as interesting City.

One of my hobbies is photography, and this is the reason I started this blog: to share what I photograph during my travels outside and inside Mexico or about anything that catches my attention in my daily world. So this is essentially a photo blog. I’m especially interested in travel photography, street photography, architectural photography, art, nature, and cultural diversity,

I named my blog  “Exploring the world”, having in mind the idea of exploring it by images, not by words. For this reason, I generally post only photographs, although I sometimes write about the places I travel to, but not too often. I prefer my photographs to talk about the world.

My enthusiasm for photography started in my childhood when my parents gave me as a Christmas present my first camera, an Instamatic 101 Kodak Camera that I usually took to my school to photograph  my friends as well as my daily life, but I guess that essentially the reason for my approach to photography was that when I was a child my father usually carried his camera around and was always taking photographs. Nevertheless, I got seriously involved in photography as a teenager when my dad gave me his Canon TX camera, a manual 35 mm SLR. Back then, I joined a photography workshop at my high school, where I learned lab techniques, and some others at the Argentinean House of Culture in Mexico City. I will always remember that experience as a great adventure that made me really happy.

Mexico City. Me, while taking a photography workshop at the Argentinean House of Culture, in 1992
Mexico City. Me, while taking a photography workshop at the Argentinean House of Culture, in 1992

I have used the same Canon TX camera since back then until 2012 when I got into a new adventure: digital photography. An adventure that I want to share with you, so I hope you will join me “exploring the world” in this photo blog.

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely,

every hundredth of a second.”

Marc Riboud

17 thoughts on “Me and my blog

  1. Also looking forward to stopping by periodically to see the photographs of your travels. I got into photography in a similar manner starting with an instamatic then moving to Canon – initially AE1 then A 1. Moved to digital about 10 years ago and now use a 5D MkIII. Just can’t image going back to rolls of film.


    • I must confess I would love to make film photography again. I still have some “new” (not used) films, and I was dreaming about using them and get into the lab 🙂


  2. Very nice focus on life surrounding which we can easily pass by. I also had a Kodak Instamatic, a 25 from many years ago! I had it because my mother collected “stamps” with her shopping and then you could “buy” a gift!:) Thanks for the memory and your focus!

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  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the ‘like’ on the beneath our feet post. Glad to discover your photo blog, and excited to see the pics. I spent part of my childhood living in Mexico – in Durango – and would love a return visit to really appreciate all the sights. Look forward to seeing some of Mexico through your pics.


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