Fusion/Sustainable Nature

FusionI was impressed by watching how this plant seemed to be merging with the wall. Due to its rusty color, the terminations of the branches of the plant seem to be oxidized metal that is melting through the wall.

I felt I was hallucinating and also thought that this plant seemed to be fusioned to the concrete wall to survive, avoiding being suffocated by urbanism. So instead of the term “sustainable architecture”, it came to my mind the concept of “sustainable nature”: nature which adapts to artificial habitats to survive.


8 thoughts on “Fusion/Sustainable Nature

  1. Hi Marianne,

    Where was this taken? I’d never heard of anything like this, but it’s not all that surprising when you think about it. I’m sure nature has tons of ways to adapt to what we bring to the environment.

    • Hi Corrisa! I took this photo in Santa Barbara, CA. I saw the plant when I was going to pass under a bridge which is located on the main street, to go to the beach. It catched my sight. Greetings!

    • Thank you Rommel! This vision made my mind wander about natural adaptation, of course my imagination made up the idea, but I guess that surely nature can find strange ways for surviving.

  2. I love that concept. “Sustainable nature.” I can see it applied in all sorts of instances. From the weeds that grow out of cracks in the sidewalk or the tree roots that follow the path between the joints in brick sidewalks to the trees and vines that gobble up cars and bicycles.

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