New Bi-Weekly Feature: Monochrome Thursday

I decided to establish a new weekly feature at my photo blog: a Monochrome Thursday.

Why do this?

I started to use black and white film when I took some photography courses back in 1990, but since I bought my digital camera in 2012, I haven’t taken B&W photography.

Recently I relocated and with this movement, I found some piles of my developed black and white films (as well as the color ones) taken since those dates, that were kept in boxes. I felt very happy to see those old films and the photos developed from them, and thought that I would like to make B&W photography again.

I’ve been posting in this photography blog only photography in color, something I will still do because I love to see the colors of the world, but I want to take again B&W photography, now with my digital camera. So, I will post every two Thursdays, from next week until December 31, a B&W photography. Be prepared! If you want to join and post a link with a B&W photo these days, you are more than welcome to post it at the comments.


8 thoughts on “New Bi-Weekly Feature: Monochrome Thursday

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