B&W: Anacapa Island Cliffs

Channel Islands, California

Channel Islands, California

Anacapa is composed of three islets: East, Middle and West Anacapa. They are collectively known as the “Anacapas”. The islets have precipitous cliffs, dropping off steeply into the sea. East and Middle Anacapa have fairly level areas at their tops of their highest points (325 ft or 99 m and 250 ft or 76 m), but West Anacapa is wider and reaches an altitude of 930 ft (283 m).

It is only possible to visit East Anacapa because Middle and West Anacapa are set aside for the island wildlife. When I visited the Island, to reach my destiny on top of it, first, I had to use the stairway from the landing cove which is more than 80 steps, but its structure was very impresive to watch and use, and getting to the top of the island was very exiting. So, if you visit Anacapa prepare yourself to use most of your energy to climb the stairway, which is the most difficult point to reach because comparing to it, the island is so small that you can visit all in less than two hours of constant walk without being tired.

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