Candles for the Dead

Dolores Olmedo Museum. México City
Dolores Olmedo Museum. Mexico City

Every year, the Dolores Olmedo Museum, in Mexico City, prepares an “Ofrenda de Muertos” (Offering to the dead), which is always been considered artistic, because it rescues the tradition of the altars of the dead, as well as it provides a tribute to craftsmanship of Mexico, due to the great job of the artisans who make the altar. This is a photo of some candles at the Ofrenda de Muertos. It’s just a small detail because the Offering occupies more than one room.

The Offering to the dead remains at the Museum from October 28 to January 4, and every year is different.

It is also organize a Costume contest of the Calavera Catrina, a female skull figure created by Jose Guadalupe Posada, a Mexican engraver, illustrator and cartoonist. There’s a money prize for the best costume.

These activities at the Museum connect different people who enjoy participating in the costume contest and other activities made for the occasion, as well as admiring the Ofrenda de Muertos.

To view some costumes of the previous years, I linked this flickr site of the Museum about the 2012 contest.

Calavera Catrina 2012

The link of the Museum is

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