Tajín Building

Veracruz, Mexico
Tajín archaeological site. Veracruz, Mexico

Window Garden

Window gardenMy “window garden” makes my heart dance with joy.

It is mainly composed by succulents and cactacea plants, with the exception of the grass pot that you can see. On the other side of the window I have some other mini plants. Although I haven’t filled all of my window edge, that is my idea.

Planting a seed and see it grow is something that also makes me really happy.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance   Daily Promt: Window

B&W: Genesis Ancestral Force-Culmination

Mexico City
Mexico City

The author of this sculpture is Jorge Jimenez Deredia, a Costa Rican architect and sculptor. His work is currently in exhibition at different points in Mexico City’s Downtown, with the general title “A Genesis For Peace”

I will post some other photos of his interesting work.