San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas

My birthday was on March 30, and I decided to give myself as a birhtday present a short trip to San Antonio, Texas.

I went over there more than once when I was a child with my parents and siblings, but the last time I visited, I stayed there alone for the summer to take an english course, in 1992. After chating about that long ago experience with a friend on February, I bought the flight ticket and one month later, I started my birthday day over there.

I remembered some things about my teen-age experience while I was studing there and of course I remembered the beautiful Missions because I took pictures of them. Although I didn’t remember that the City’s Downtown was so beautiful. It really impressed me! There are magnificent antique buildings with marvelous carved stone details and other ornaments.

In this photo, you can see the Riverwalk that crosses the City, where you can take a lovely walk along its banks, and at the background, the impressive red building with green tiles roof of San Antonio Courthouse.

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