Camarillo, California
Camarillo, California

Cathedral of Mexico City: Front view

Cathedral of Mexico City

The Cathedral is located at the main square of Mexico City Downtown.

Its measures are 7,000 square meters of construction, 59 meters width, 128 meters length, 68 meters heigth.

It has 5 naves, 14 lateral chapels, a churrigueresque altar called Altar of the Kings, and two monumental organs.

The construction of the Cathedral started in 1571 and it was finished until 1813.

For a closer look to see the impressive carved stone work of the facade click on this link

For another photo of a carved lateral door click on this link

Shine & volume

Walt Disney Concert Music Hall. Los Angeles, California
Walt Disney Concert Music Hall. Los Angeles, California

The Walt Disney Concert Hall, designed by architect Frank Gehry, is a very interesting building. I like how the light shines on the stainless steel curves of the building, and how it gives a sense of volume to it.


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Vietnamese Culture Show

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This was a singing and dancing show that I saw with some friends at the exhibition “The cultural beauty of Vietnam”, that took place in Mexico City.

Colors of the Water

Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.

-Lao Tzu

Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O

Cosmovitral: birds

Toluca, Estado de México
Toluca, Estado de México

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B&W: Mexico City Downtown: Palacio de Minería.

Mexico City Downtown.
Mexico City Downtown.

The Palacio de Minería building was constructed between 1797 and 1811, by architect Manuel Tolsá, commissioned by the Real Seminario de Minas (Royal Seminar of Mines).

Its architecture is neoclassic with details of Roman baroque

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Love is in the air

The Huntington Botanical Gardens. San marino, California.
The Huntington Botanical Gardens. San marino, California.