My new baby: a Living Stone

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.

John Muir

John Muir is certainly right. I can assure you that, because I have a window garden that makes me really happy! So, it’s not this time of the year without my plants. This is my newest little plant, which I bought the past week-end: a lovely lithop with a big yellow flower.

Lithops are also known as “living stones”, because they seem to be stones, as you can see, but they are living plants. An example of this amazing mimicry is that when I showed my little plant to a friend, he asked me about those curious stones that surrounded the flower, although it is the plant itself.

There are about 109 varieties of lithops, and they are native to the South of Africa dry regions. I read that this camouflage helps the plants to survive the animals in drought times, which otherwise would eat the plant to obtain the water they keep.

They are really impresive, when I see them, I’m always amazed by their variety.

Weekly photo challenge: it’s not this time of the year without…

6 thoughts on “My new baby: a Living Stone

    • They are very interesting, and their appearance is very curious. There is a great variety of colors. I have another one which is pink color with grey dots. They all seem to be little rocks. have a great day!

  1. I love your lithop Marianne and it’s really interesting to read about these plants! I hope to find one of my own one day. Have a lovely weekend (with your plant)! 🙂 Lili x

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