My version of Chapultepec forest in watercolor

My version of the Chapultepec forest.

I love Chapultepec forest! It makes me happy to visit this place and walk to the less crowded spaces of it. This forest is located at the heart of Mexico City, a very crowded asphalt city.

I made this watercolor inspired by Chapultepec. I started while I was sitting in front of the lake, although I finished the details various days later at home because I must confess that this is the third watercolor that I have ever made 😀

When I was a child there were only ducks and some swans at the lake, but currently we have the lucky of also having some beautiful herons.

If you visit Mexico City, don’t forget to visit Chapultepec. There are also various interesting museums in the area.

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Caacupe, Paraguay

When I visited Paraguay, I decided to go to the City of Caacupé, because it is a place that Paraguayans use to talk about as an important place for  them.

In the City of Caacupe, is located the sanctuary of the Virgin of Caacupe, which is the white building with the black dome located in these photos. It is a pilgrimage place.

December 8, is the day of the celebration of the Virgin, although the festivities start nine days before. An anecdote about this date that our guide told us is that the traffic that goes to Caacupé from the surrounding places, including the Capital City of Asuncion, stops completely and it is very difficult to pass for various hours, because there are hundreds of people walking to the church, not only on the sidewalks but also on the highways. So it is not recommended to pass over there by car on those dates.



Santa Barbara, California

I love the Spanish Colonial Style architecture that characterizes the City of Santa Barbara. Every building looks beatiful.

Dock towards the lake

San Bernardino, Paraguay