Upside down


Mexico City


Cartonería Devils

Toluca, Estado de Mexico. Mexico

“Cartonería” is a folk Mexican craft that consists in the creation of all kinds of figures one can imagine through a process of modeling using mainly newspaper and “engrudo” as glue (a thick dough made from flour or starch boiled in water). Although, depending on the size or complexity of the piece, other materials such as wire, or different types of paper or cardboard can be added.

In this this photo almost all the figures are giant devils, but there are other popular figures like Judas, piñatas, bulls, mojigangas (giant puppets), alebrijes (brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures of fantasy/mythical creatures), catrinas (female skeleton wearing a fancy hat with feathers) and skulls, as well as masks and toys.

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Los Angeles, Calfornia