Anacapa Island, California, USA.


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B&W: The River Walk

The River Walk. San Antonio, Texas.
The River Walk. San Antonio, Texas.

The River Walk in color here

B&W: Island Fox

Santa Barbara Zoo. California
Santa Barbara Zoo. California

This cute little fox (Urocyon littoralis) is native to the Channel Islands of California. There are six subspecies, and interestingly each are unique to the island it lives on.

The small size of the island fox is an adaptation to the limited resources available in the islands environment. The largest of the subspecies occurs on Santa Catalina Island and the smallest on Santa Cruz Island.

During my visit to Channel Islands, I didn’t see one because I visited Anacapa Island, which is the only island where the fox did not persist because it has no reliable source of fresh water.

A friend of mine who visited another Channel Island, Santa Cruz Island, told me that she saw various foxes during her visit, and that they are so used to humans that they generally get close to them. Isn’t it cool? I would love to see one in front of me, at their natural habitat.


In my home
In my home. Mexico City

Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.

-John Lennon

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure

Mexico City Downtown. Tacuba Street
Mexico City Downtown. Tacuba Street. Mexico Bank Building (1905 architecture)

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B&W: Lobero Theatre

Santa Barbara, California
Santa Barbara, California

I usually travel to California every year because I have family there.

One of my favorite cities at the South of the State is Santa Barbara. There are many reasons of my attraction to this wondeful place; one of them is the beautiful Spanish Colonial Revival style architecture that characterizes the City.

In one of the travels I made over there, I took a walking tour about Santa Barbara’s architecture that starts at Santa Barbara Public Library. The tour is guided by a member of the Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara, and the donation is $10.00 per person .

One of the visits of the tour is the Lobero Theatre, which is the oldest theatre in California and it is considered an architectual jewel as well as a City and State landmark. It was founded in 1873 and rebuilt in 1924.

Do you like it?

B&W: Genesis Ancestral Force-Culmination

Mexico City
Mexico City

The author of this sculpture is Jorge Jimenez Deredia, a Costa Rican architect and sculptor. His work is currently in exhibition at different points in Mexico City’s Downtown, with the general title “A Genesis For Peace”

I will post some other photos of his interesting work.

B&W: Under Deck Chairs

Valle de Bravo, Mexico
Valle de Bravo, Mexico

B&W: Robust Thorny Three

Huntington Botanical Gardens. San Marino, California
Huntington Botanical Gardens. San Marino, California