B&W: Cacti

UNAM Botanical Garden. Mexico City.

My succulents and cacti

I love succulents and cacti. All of my plants are mini size, so I have them at the edge of my window, as my “window garden”. Although, in this photo I moved all of them to a table, so they can have more hours of direct sun on weekends.

Taking care of them brings me joy, as well as watching them grow and flowering. The two at the bottom grew a lot, so I had to remove them from the window edge, but they have a new place.



Plant Coocons

Chapultepec greeenhouse. Mexico City.

Cactacea Gallery



Weekly Photo Challenge: rounded

Purple Prickly Pear

San Antonio Botanical Garden. Texas

I thought prickly pears existed only in green color. so it was a lovely surprise to see these in purple and green colors. I would love to have one like these with yellow flowers in my home.

It Is Easy Being Green

Nothing makes me more happy than nature! To take a walk in the woods is a good remedy when I’m stressed from work and the city rush, or I do it just because I want to. I usually do it on week-ends.

The forest of Mexico City, Chapultepec, is so close to my home that I normally go walking towards there. Right there, I stroll around the places less crowded and after a while I seat in front of the lake enjoying the view of the green water, the nature, the people rowing the boats, the ducks swiming, the squirrels, the birds, or I seat at the botanical garden under the shade of big trees. This activity brings me peacefulness and an immense hapinness.

Sometimes, after that promenade I visit some museums which are located in the area, and my day is complete.

If you travel to Mexico City, I recommend you to visit Chapultepec and the museums in the area.

Note that this photographs are from various countries (USA, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Mexico), and some others are about Chapultepec. You can see that by placing your mouse over each photo.

Weekly Photo Challenge: It is easy being green!