Lines Perspective

Valle de Bravo, Mexico

B&W: Reflections of sunlight on the water


San Antonio Museum of Art. Texas, USA

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Tiny church

Valle de Bravo, Mexico

B&W: Valle de Bravo Lake

Valle de Bravo lake
Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Walt Disney Concert Hall Architecture Detail

Los Angeles, Calfornia


Anacapa Island, California, USA.

Anacapa Island House and Flag

Anacapa Island, California

Mission San José

San Antonio, Texas

This Spanish Mission is known as the “Queen of the Missions”, and is the largest of the missions located in San Antonio, Texas.  It will turn 300 years in 2020!

Clay Religious Figures

Museo del Barro ( Clay Museum) Asunción, Paraguay

I took this photo at the “Museo del Barro” (Clay Museum), which is located in Asunción, Paraguay. In this place you can find crafts corresponding to Mestizo, Indigenous and Popular Art productions from the 17th century onwards, These works include wood carvings, fabrics, lace, ceramics and goldsmiths.

The heritage of the Museum consists of more than 4,000 pieces, including a collection of 300 pieces of pre-Columbian pottery from all over the Americas.