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Ventura Harbor Village & Fishing Marina

Ventura Harbor, California
Ventura, California

Stairway to Sacred

Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico-Mexico
El Santuario. Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico-Mexico

I found this place during a visit to Valle de Bravo, a commonly week-end destination for people that live in Mexico City. This stairway leads to the entrance of a circular temple.

If you are interested to know how the temple looks, you can see a full view of the temple in another one of my posts. Or, to know more about Valle de Bravo destination, you can visit my post Story Challenge: Letter “L”, regarding its lake and the activities you can do over there.

Santa Barbara Courthouse Hallway

Santa Barbara, California
Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara Courthouse is a Spanish Colonial Revival style building, designed by William Mooser III, and completed in 1929.