Graffiti around the world: Mexico City

Jardín del Arte (Garden of the Art), Mexico City
Jardín del Arte (Garden of the art), Mexico City

 Graffiti Around the World: Mexico 1


Story Challenge: Letter “L”


Valle de Bravo, Mexico

This is the lake of Valle de Bravo, a town located at a valley (“Valle” means valley) in the State of Mexico, near Mexico City (about 1 hour 30 minutes driving through the highway). The lake was artificially created in 1947, as part of the Reservoir Valle de Bravo of the Miguel Aleman hydroelectric project, created at the river that captures the rain, forming the artificial lake in the middle of the valley.

Valle de Bravo is a common week-end destination for people who live in Mexico City; some people have week-end houses at this place. In the lake takes place a variety of aquatic sports, like water ski, fishing, and sailing, but if you don’t practice these sports, just by being in front of the lake, admiring the stunning views of the place surrounded by the mountains that forms the valley, you can have a wonderful experience.

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Valle de Bravo, Mexico
Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Ice cream, candy & stuff

Santa Barbara Harbor in California.

I took this photo at Santa Barbara Harbor, on the sea dock. You can find a lot of restaurants and little shops like these on the sea dock, even the “Bubba Gump Shrimp Co” restaurant and market. Do you remember Forrest Gump movie?.

Misty Río de la Plata

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Being in front of Río de la Plata at sunset was an amazing experience, due to the changes of ambient light and colors. In only few minutes I saw the sky and the water turning from light orange to soft pink and purple hues.

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