Argentina’s National Bank Building


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This building is considered historical heritage. It was designed by architect Alejandro Bustillo. It occupies an entire city block with 100,000 square meters and was inaugurated in 1944, although in that year only the first stage of construction of the National Bank was finished, because it was indeed completed until 1955.

The National Bank is one of the most imposing and pretentious works of Argentina architecture, due to both its volume and various elements of its design  among which stands out especially its gigantic dome 50 meters in diameter (for me, you can’t notice from outside a dome, because it seems only a square roof), judged by Bustillo as probably the largest in South America.

2 thoughts on “Argentina’s National Bank Building

  1. Imposing, yes. Pretentious, it doesn’t seem like it. I think it’s cool that the architecture looks awesome being it a national bank.

    • You are right Rommel. My language is Spanish, so maybe I didn’t use the best world to describe it. I think some other words to describe it, could be: sumptuous, opulent. For me, it was very impressive and beautiful, instead of pretentious. Have a great day!

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