Cosmovitral: Fire

Toluca, Estado de México

Toluca, Estado de México

Cosmovitral (cosmo-from cosmos, vitral-stained glass) is a botanical garden of 3,200 meters located inside an Art Nouveau structure of wrought iron and glass from the beginning of the XX Century.

What gives the name of the botanical garden is precisely the stained glass which was designed by Mexican artist Leopoldo Flores. Its theme is the universal duality, the opposition between day and night, men and women, good and bad; it’s a cosmogonic expression.

It took Leopoldo Flores one year to design the cosmovitral, and stained glass artist Bernabe Fernandez, in charge of doing it, three years.

It has 48 stained glass windows. To buil it, it was used about 75 tons of metal structure, 45 tons of blown glass and 25 tons of lead seal; it is integrated by 500,000 glass fragments from 28 different colors.

In this photo you can see only a small part of it. I will post some other photos of other views of it.


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