Aztec Theater

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas

On March of the past year I celebrated my birthday by traveling to San Antonio, Texas. My idea was revisitng the City, where I was for the last time in 1992, as a teen-ager, for the summer to take an English language course. In those days, I amusingly discovered that it wasn’t the best place to improve English speaking because almost everybody spoke in Spanish, even Northamericans who wanted to practice Spanish language with me, when I said that I was from Mexico City. Although during my travel on  past March, I discovered that is not like that anymore, English language is the norm.

I remembered various things of my 1992 travel, like the beautiful San Antonio Missions, the performances I saw, like the National Olympic Gymnastics Competition (very impressive), the riverwalk, the Alamo, some streets, some museums,  and of course my experiences as a teenager student, but I didn’t remember the City in detail, so it was like visiting for the first time. It was like a new discovery, and I was really impressed by the beauty of San Antonio. There are a lot of stunning and interesting buildings at Downton.

I didn’t remember the Aztec Theater with its luminary name (maybe I didn’t saw it in 1992) . I discovered it by chance when the bus from the airport passed by and left me a block away. What a coincidence 🙂

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